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Sometimes in life we all have to refine. (Who am I kidding? It’s most of the time!) Spent some time simplifying and refining the site. Hope you like the direction it is moving in. I chose to simplify where I could, yet still provide the content that I am passionate about. Thanks for all your comments and encouragement!

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How to draw

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Thank you to Russell Keeter and Roberto Lupetti for their countless hours of instruction.

Since the dawn of time drawing has held a mystical place in human societies. The communication of a line that evolves into an image has created narratives throughout history. Thousands of years ago there were the paintings of Lascaux. The Egyptian Hieroglyphs communicated human form and narrative that must have been the equivalent of movies that we see today. It is now the 21st century; we have web pages, 3d printing and discussions of quantum space. Drawings are present in all of these.

A recent Gallery visit

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Woman in gallery

My family and I visited a local gallery last weekend. Like many galleries there were Holiday gifts available. In one of their art galleries there was a lot of contemporary art that felt very safe to me. There would be ten to twenty pieces along a standardized format with some variations present among the variations.

As someone who has both attended art schools and taught at art schools, I understand the need for consistency and self branding. I do feel there is a line though. As creatives, we are trying to explore; express ourselves. If we are all following formulas of production attempting to mass produce artwork – where are we different from the normal boring mass production that already exists in society.

It is fine to create a body of work but I look for catharsis with the body of work and at least some of the pieces in that collection. My advice to creatives is to embrace your uniqueness and share it. Do not sterilize your work for mass consumption. Post-Modernism is not part of the same cannon that contains modernism, surrealism, impressionism and many others.

In an age where time and space folds, ideas are communicated globally across the exchanging of server packets. Anything goes! So, the sterile post-modern presentation of work is antiquated. Be innovative!

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