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At one time this site was listed in the top of Google. I had a social media network with over 14,000 subscribers. I have needed to scale back because of lack of time and unfriendly individuals who try to impair this site. I hope the people that are truly interested in the site’s content will stick around. It’s hard to know if anyone out there is paying attention anymore. I sincerely hope to provide nice content and a brief escape from all the stresses that we all have to deal with in the world. In the meantime please follow @artist_scape on twitter.

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Site changes

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Hello everyone!

It was time to change the site again. What do you think? It has been my goal for a number of years to deliver content that is easy to maintain. A big priority for me is to have something that I enjoy but is not too much work to maintain. After all I want the majority of my time to be in the studio making more art for this site!

Thank you to all of the visitors, at this point I can guesstimate that we have around 15,000 visitors! That’s incredible!
I hope you look forward to the next chapter of this site as much as I do!

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Art of Painting in the 21st Century at the John Natsoulas Gallery

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Frank Ordaz Demo

Frank Ordaz Demo at the Natsoulas Gallery in Davis, CA

A couple weeks ago I attended Art of Painting in the 21st Century at the John Natsoulas Gallery. There was a painting demonstration by Frank Ordaz which was very satisfying to watch. Frank was generous with information and did a great job engaging with the crowd.

After the demonstration there was a panel that consisted of Kelly Detweiler, Professor of Art at Santa Clara University, DeWitt Cheng, Stanford Art Spaces curator and Pat Mahony, renowned painter.(

This was one of the best panels that I have ever been to (and I’ve been to quite a few). All the panelists were friendly, accessible and very knowledgeable. They were generous with their time and expertise. I never felt as connected to a group of panelists before. I guess timing is everything.

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