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Happy New Year!

Daybreak landscape painting

Many have lamented 2016 and many are apprehensive about 2017.
The nice thing about a new year is there is a sense of beginnings. I wanted to share the last painting that I completed in 2016, “Daybreak”. This is an 11″x14″ acrylic painting. Is this as sunset or a sunrise? I guess this can be determined by your perspective.

Last year I completed at least 13 paintings maybe more. I am currently workin on a new commission piece and will share more about that in the coming weeks.

Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

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Once Upon A Time

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Once Upon A Time

This painting recycles work I did years ago. Originally I created 50 paintings of trees. Most of these pieces belong in collections. The few, I had left didn’t seem as strong without the presence of the other paintings so I took a couple of them mounted them and painted over it to create this new work, “Once Upon a Time.” The title is a reference to another series of paintings I created called, “A Moment, A Time.”. I like to reinvent my work and in this case the past meets the future in the present to create this new work “Once Upon A Time”.

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Second Saturday Recap – Be Strong

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Be Strong Painting

Fun and busy night at Kennedy gallery last night! As I arrived, I was told that a canvas print of my painting “Be Strong” sold. That was the last one. If this piece interests you let me know. These prints sell for $75 plus shipping & sales tax.

Be Strong Painting

Be Strong Acrylic Painting

Second Saturdays in Sacramento is when a number of galleries stay open until 9pm or 10pm. It is a great time for artists of all sorts to have their work seen. One of the prevalent conversations last night with other artists involved negotiating. Many times an artist will adjust their price to make a sale. I’ve done it many times and seldom regret it, but there are some pieces that every artist creates that are “important” pieces. Important, in that it is a signature piece of the artist. Such works should never be sold discounted, Often such work needs to be higher than the artist prices it.

If you are an artist, its OK to stick with your price. Have you ever tried to haggle prices with an auto mechanic or at a restaurant? My guess, is most of the time it doesn’t get you anywhere.
I would advise artists on certain pieces to not discount. The canon of Art history is being added to everyday and the last thing I want is for a fellow artist to enter the canon of art as a discounted rate.
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